The funding of the @ADCSovereignty #FATCA lawsuit explained

The comment from GwEvil referenced in the above tweet describes why you should be so proud of your accomplishments in funding the FATCA lawsuit. I thought I would post it in its entirety so that it is not lost.

@nervousinvestor – We have addressed the crowdfunding sites issue numerous times before, with regard to raising funds for ADCS so I will reiterate them once again:

1. The ADCS site IS a crowdfunding site. It is a ONE issue crowdfunding site that is dedicated to our one cause, so it is not diluted by other postings and focusses on our issue only.

2. the money we raise on our crowdfunding site goes directly to us and has no fees other than what is required by the bank and PayPal. The other crowdfunding sites take an ADDITIONAL 4%-9% ON TOP of the fees that are charged for PayPal and banking fees.

3. Most of the crowdfunding sites are managed in the US which was objectionable.

4. I have done extensive research on the crowdfunding sites that are available and the issues that garner the most money are: Cute animals. Sick Children. Sick Adults. People raising money for their education or a disaster that has befallen them, Innovative products. What Does NOT raise money: Political causes. (Specifically our cause would NOT raise any money due to the fact that it is 1. a boring tax issue in the minds of most people and 2. We deserve our fates because we are tax cheats anyway. No one but the ones affected by this issue give a rat’s ass about it.)

5. As an experiment to put this continuing suggestion to rest, I decided to launch a campaign on the one Canadian site called Greedy Giver for the Christmas season with the added enticement of coupons that people could buy for presents, and at the same time give to our cause. Want to guess how many donations we got? TWO.

6. Stephen Kish and I picked the brain of a career fundraiser who said that what we have done with our site at is remarkable and to be commended. She said that the level of donations that we have achieved to date would be the envy of many a cause.

We are NOT failing in any way, and for people to be lamenting that we aren’t doing what we need to be doing is just plain wrong. For a group of small pocket donators to have acheived this much in this small an amount of time is just remarkable.

People seem to think also that on crowd funding sites that you just launch your cause and it all magically happens, but it does not. You have to promote the link on Facebook and Twitter and to your friends and relatives just as we do with our site now. So remember everyone, our ADCS site IS a crowd funding site where, other than the fees that we cannot escape, ALL the money goes directly to our fight. So instead of trying to find alternatives out there that seem to be better, please just continue to PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE our very own crowdfunding ADCS site.

Thank you.

Keep up the great work!

John Richardson

ADCS-ADSC Co-Chair and Legal Counsel







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