“The Shot Heard Round The World” Live from ThatChannel.com

(Adapted from Emerson – “Concord Hymn”)

FATCA comes September’s end
The threats of Congress now unfurl
Embattled expats must defend, by
Firing the shot heard round the world!


Join Us! Watch it live!
This is the full YouTube version.


WHEN: Tuesday, July 21, 2015-5:00 – 6:00 pm EDT
WHERE: www.Thatchannel.com – “Voters Echo”
WHAT:The Shot Heard Round the World”
Citizenship Taxation is a CRISIS for US Persons Worldwide
WHO: Host – Bahman Yazdanfar
with John Richardson, Peter W. Dunn & Trish Moon
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A recent U.S. Senate Finance Committee study failed to issue any recommendations to address the intolerable treatment of the 8 million “U.S.Persons” (and their families) living abroad. One noted tax-lawyer implied that the Working Committee “is willing to state that these concerns need to be considered however,is not yet willing to say there is a crisis.”

The U.S. Senate Finance Committee response to expats: “NOT a Crisis”

Our response: See You in Court


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With the hashtag: #CBTLawsuit
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5 comments on ““The Shot Heard Round The World” Live from ThatChannel.com
  1. George says:

    You probably get many silly suggestions and this is possibly one of them but here goes …

    Reading the book, The Prize, about the petroleum industry I found the Saudis came up with a clever idea. They wanted to raise taxes on American oil producers but did not want to confront the oil producers in a manner that might lead to negative repercussions. What they did was hire US tax experts to craft a Saudi tax code that allowed US oil companies to deduct Saudi taxes from their US taxes leaving the oil companies total tax burden unchanged.

    So I am wondering if there is a way to craft the Canadian tax system so that ‘US Persons’ could simply pay more Canadian tax whenever US taxes are higher than Canadian taxes, which I believe would reduce taxes owed to the US to zero. The excess of US over Canadian taxes, now paid to the Canadian Treasury, could be held by the Canadian Treasury and used to offset current or future Canadian taxes that exceed US taxes, so in the long run nothing gained nothing lost (to the US treasury) except of course you would have to file multiple sets of tax returns, one set to a foreign power. Who knows what other angles you might figure out, maybe you can get money back from the US? Yes it is the cowards way out.

    Ok sorry if I wasted your time.

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  2. Actually, that is an interesting idea. Have long considered proposing a Canadian tax anytime there is a U.S. tax that would not be offset by a Canadian tax credit.

    So, yes I think something of that nature may have merit.

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  3. EmBee says:

    I’ve mentioned this at Brock. It seems like the first part of this interview is missing on the youtube video. Nevertheless it was a very informative show and I thank everyone who took part (Peter, John and Tricia) and their host, Bahman.


  4. Trish Moon says:

    This is the full version (just make sure the start arrow is all the way to the left0)


  5. EmBee says:

    @ Tricia — Thank you. Now I understand. There’s a full version and a partial version out there on youtube. I and about 150 others have been viewing the partial version here — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIaIflRJP00


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