CANADIANS AND INTERNATIONAL SUPPORTERS: We need $74,953 in 31 days (February 1, 2016) to pay the legal bills and move to the FATCA Charter Trial in Canada Federal Court — and Witnesses willing to go public with their harm


[2016 New Year’s Dream Resolution: “To replace anxiety with hope, confusion with clarity, despondency with determination, loneliness with camaraderie, selfishness with shared commitment, short-sightedness with vision. In myself and in others.” (Neil Turok, Director of Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)]

DECEMBER 31 UPDATE: WE NEED $74,953 IN 31 DAYS (February 1, 2016) TO CONTINUE OUR CANADIAN FATCA LAWSUIT and also need Witnesses for the Charter Trial

— You already donated $530,017 for legal costs — but we need $74,953 more to pay the outstanding legal bills to our Vancouver litigators and continue the lawsuit. Once paid, we will have sufficient monies to pay the legal costs of the Constitutional-Charter trial — our next step — in Federal Court.

PLEASE DONATE to (ADSC en français). You can SEND DONATIONS by cheque, cash, PayPal, and transfers.

I suppose it is expected that help to continue funding a long, costly, and complicated lawsuit will come mostly from a small number of kind constant supporters — but if you have never donated and believe that we are right in suing the Canadian Government for violating your Charter rights with its FATCA compliance legislation, now is the time to send in that donation of any amount. Just wrap the money in paper and send in an envelope with no return address. It works.


“To our friends and donors across the Continents,

As we approach the holiday season and New Year, Ginny, Gwen and the ADCS committee hope this email finds you and your loved ones in both good health and some merriment.

We want to express our ongoing heartfelt thanks and appreciation to those who have contributed financially and in many other ways to bring about the end to the way the US government continues to interfere with those of us it deems its citizens living outside of the USA, trying to carry on our ordinary lives.

In Canada, we are called Americans or second class Canadians. Everywhere we are assumed to be tax cheats.

As you are aware, we were not successful at our first and lowest court level this summer during our summary trial. This in no way means, however, that we were defeated, nor that our lawyers did not make an impressive effort on our behalf. Justice Martineau listened very carefully to our arguments. In fact he clearly indicated that his decision (yes, we can call it less than brave) did not restrict or impede our right to bring our Charter and Constitutional issues to another court, which we intend to do in the new year. And due to your generosity, we have the money to do just that.

We will be thankful to you forever for helping us hit that mark.

What remains though, quite frankly, is an outstanding debt [$74,953 as of December 31] to our lawyers for their legal fees for that valiant attempt. Both Ginny and Gwen, and we hope others, feel a moral obligation to pay down that debt as soon as we can. It is personally difficult for us to always ask for donations, but that is the reality of taking on such a fight for our rights. That is acknowledged by generous donors from across the world not just in Canada: people elsewhere who are watching and supporting this cause through our Canadian courts, hoping for a precedent case that will be applicable in their own countries.

In effect we are setting a template, backed by some very brave and generous people like you.

Please help us retire this debt, so we can concentrate on and move forward with our next legal court steps. As always, we remain very grateful to you.

You keep our spirits up on our darkest days while we all fight together for our mutual goals and rights.

Ginny, Gwen and the ADCS committee.”

— PLEASE DONATE to (ADSC en français). You can SEND DONATIONS by cheque, cash, PayPal, and transfers.

We have 31 days to make the February 1 2016 payment.

SEE LITIGATION UPDATES for litigation progress and our Claims and our ADCS website.

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