CANADIANS AND INTERNATIONAL SUPPORTERS: We need $73,219 in 28 days (February 1, 2016) to pay the legal bills and move to the FATCA Charter Trial in Canada Federal Court — and Witnesses willing to go public with their harm

January 3, 2016 UPDATE: WE NEED $73,219 IN 28 DAYS (February 1, 2016) TO CONTINUE OUR CANADIAN FATCA LAWSUIT and also need Witnesses for the Charter Trial

PLEASE DONATE to (ADSC en français). You can SEND DONATIONS by cheque, cash, PayPal, and transfers. Cash in an envelope with no return address works.

$531,751 for legal costs donated so far — but $73,219 more needed to pay the outstanding legal bills to continue the lawsuit. Once paid, we have the monies we need to pay the legal costs of the Constitutional-Charter trial — our next step — in Federal Court. We want our litigation success in Canada to be the spark that ends FATCA IGAs in all FATCA compliant countries .

Please donate and show your support for our plaintiffs, Ginny and Gwen. Read again our Claims.

Ginny comments on the challenges of raising funds for a costly litigation:

“…I never lose a night’s sleep about what the USG plans for me, but I can tell you every day when I read the headline post and see the outstanding debt, my stomach churns. It also saddens me that we rely on the same generous folks here, time after time, though we are so grateful. Where oh where are the others?

Gwen and I and the committee will do this work everyday for everyone so affected, for as long as it takes. It is the choice we made and we have no regrets. I did not have a moment’s hesitation when I offered to be a plaintiff, even with the public disclosure required of my personal identity and financial affairs. That’s how strongly I believe in this cause, as do the donors.

I do not want to let you down, I do not want to disappoint you, I do not want us to fail at this point and have to stop this litigation. We have come so far! We can take pride in this grass root organisation that has already shown the Canadian government that our voices will be heard in every court that will hear us because our cause is just and right. They are using our tax money to fight us, which is disgusting and means we are paying twice. Let’s not be cowered by that.

Let us continue to support each other as we get this done.”

Only 28 days to make the February 1 2016 payment.

SEE LITIGATION UPDATES for litigation progress and our Claims and our ADCS website.

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