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Former US Ambassador Gordon Giffen in Ottawa – January 2016 – “Should be easy to move around the neighborhood”

Watch “Ottawa Forum 2016: Getting the North American Relationships Right” on @Vimeo – see 57 minute mark – citizens — Citizenship Lawyer (@ExpatriationLaw) May 14, 2016 On January 31, 2016 I wrote a post about the Canada2020 conference on

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Tax Haven or Tax Heaven 1: FranHendy and BarrieMcKenna see “Panama Privacy Leak” as about more than #offshore witch hunt

Strict tax compliance has its innocent victims /via @globeandmail – Bravo @BarrieMckenna for mention of # FATCA! — Citizenship Lawyer (@ExpatriationLaw) April 5, 2016 The above tweet references the following article by Barrie McKenna of the Globe and Mail.

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