Responding to your comments

What this blog is

This blog exists for the purpose of allowing the Board of Directors of  the Alliance For The Defence of Canadian Sovereignty to communicate with you. It will also allow  you to leave comments and ask questions. We appreciate both your comments and questions.

What this blog is not

This blog is NOT intended to be a general discussion board. For that reason we would appreciate it if you restrict the discussion and questions to issues that are of direct relevance to the FATCA lawsuit.

Responding to your questions – what you can expect

In general you should NOT expect “instant response” to your questions or concerns. You can expect “periodic responses” to the questions and concerned raised. The responses may respond to the commenter directly or may respond to the comment as part of EITHER a new post or comment to an existing post.

As Don Rumsfeld once said …

There are:

Known Knowns

Known Unknowns

Unknown Unknowns

(and I suppose Unknown Knowns – meaning unknown to some but known to others)

A lawsuit of this magnitude has a a Known beginning, a Known objective and an Unknown end.

As the song says, “The Road is Long”.

Along that long road will be many many unknowns.

What I mean is that we will answer what we can, but there is a lot that is simply Unknown.

We appreciate your patience.





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