The @ADCSovereignty #FATCA lawsuit is separate from the CBT lawsuit – different donor base

This short post is a message to all of those of you have tirelessly supported the @ADCSovereignty FATCA lawsuit.

On November 19, 2015, the Alliance For The Defeat of Citizenship Taxation (although I see it as “place of birth” taxation) announced a lawsuit to challenge U.S. citizenship taxation. You will find the original announcement here. On November 20, 2015 Deckard1138 reposted that announcement at the Isaac Brock Society.

We recognize that the Issac Brock Society has been the principal source of information about the ADCSovereignty lawsuit. We also (once again) thank Peter Dunn for allowing the Isaac Brock Society to be an important source of information about the lawsuit. We would be remiss in not also thanking Lynn Swanson of the Maple Sandbox blog for extending us the same courtesy. We acknowledge that publicity on these two blogs has made the funding of the ADCS lawsuit possible.

Deckard1138’s post has generated comments which are related to the question of funding for both the ADCSovereignty lawsuit and the new CBT lawsuit. I am writing this post largely in response to some of the comments.

In summary:

  1. It is NOT the purpose or intention of the Alliance For the Defeat of Citizenship Taxation to compete with ADCS for funding.
  2. Although the ADCS lawsuit will benefit all countries, it is primarily Canadian based. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that it will have a higher percentage of donors from Canada.
  3. CBT is a problem that is NOT primarily Canadian based but is a problem for the world. Therefore it is reasonable to expect that it will attract donors from all around the world.
  4. The ADCS board (including me) recognizes that the funding of the ADCS lawsuit has come (primarily) from a small group of people who are NOT wealthy. Many of the funders in Canada are not even U.S. citizens. To put it simply: The CBT lawsuit is NOT seeking any funding whatsoever from those who have and are funding the ADCS lawsuit. You have done and continue to do more than enough. Your funding achievement has been remarkable.
  5. The Alliance For The Defeat of Citizenship Taxation, which is behind the new CBT lawsuit believes that the funding for this lawsuit should come from a different group of people. To put it simply, it should come from those Americans abroad whose very lives, livelihoods and families are directly threatened by U.S. Extraterritorial Taxation based (primarily) on place of birth. The funding should come from those who are subjected to unjust U.S. taxation. It should come from those who may be subjected to the punitive S. 877A Exit tax. This is the group that we believe should fund the new lawsuit. I repeat those who have funded the ADCS lawsuit are not being asked to fund this new lawsuit. (On a personal level, if you have funded the ADCS lawsuit, and would also like to fund the ADCT lawsuit, please make that contribution to the ADCS lawsuit. As you know substantial funding is still required.)
  6. To those of you who have not funded the ADSC lawsuit and are threatened by U.S. tax policies, we ask you to contribute to the funding of this new CBT lawsuit. You know exactly who you are. If a small group of Canadians (mostly) of modest means can fund the ADCS FATCA lawsuit, Americans abroad from all around the world can and should fund the new CBT lawsuit. (See Trish Moon’s thoughts on funding the CBT lawsuit.)

Once again, I thank you for and congratulate you on making the FATCA Canada lawsuit happen. There is still much work to do and more funding needed. Please keep your focus on the ongoing ADCS lawsuit.

I thank you all.

I admire your resolve.

I am confident of your continued support.


John Richardson

P.S. If you haven’t seen these two great things:


  1. Even in retirement Jackie Bugnion writes the best argument against citizenship taxation ever;
  2. Great video of Allison Christians interview on FATCA and CBT




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One comment on “The @ADCSovereignty #FATCA lawsuit is separate from the CBT lawsuit – different donor base
  1. JC says:

    Point made at commentary at IBS: The ADCS suit is about the Canadian (thus other governments of the world) rubber stamping US extraterritorial law.


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